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Well equipped with years of experience and exposure in the human resource development and management field he is able to provide professional advice and assist organizations in developing their human resource potential and capacity. He has had hands-on experience while working in a broad spectrum of organizations that includes leading European and local SMEs, and human service organizations in the United States and Malaysia and is familiar with the workings of international agencies.

Gopalan Nair has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services (Human Resource Development & Management) and a Master of Science degree in Community Economic Development ("International" specialization) from the Southern University of New Hampshire, USA. He also holds Diplomas in Behavioral Science of Management and Human Resource Management from UEA (University of East Asia) & SIDO, Geneva.

He started his working life at Ericsson's Malaysian operations where he held various positions within the company and was very much involved in HR and IR issues and training. He was also an Ericsson scholar (Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, Sweden) and was awarded a scholarship grant to further his studies both in Malaysia and in the USA.

He later worked as a Researcher upon completing his Masters degree on a Ford Foundation project undertaken by the Institute for Cooperative Community Development of New Hampshire (ICCD). He was a member of the research team that conducted a study on the economic activities of South-East Asian refugees in the USA.

He then worked as a Program Manager for Independent Services Network Inc. and Center for Humanistic Change Inc (both non-profit organizations) in New Hampshire dealing with developmentally disabled/challenged individuals both in group homes and day habilitations workshops/programs.

Upon his return to Malaysia he was involved as a founding director in the start-up of a manufacturing operation (SME), a trading company, an interior architecture company and a management consulting company (as a principal consultant). He then worked for more than a decade with stints as a Senior Consultant, Principal Consultant, HR & Quality Manager and Consulting Director.

Through the years he has acquired and honed his skills in human resource development & management (HRD & HRM), business development, organizational development, strategic management, corporate communications including events management, customer relations/services management, managing sports & social and community/civil/non-governmental organizations, community economic development (CED) , corporate social responsibility (CSR), and editing & report/copy writing as well as research and developing corporate literature.

He is currently the Consulting Director at Global HRM Consultants.

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